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Studio Neo is a state of the art recording studio and music production facility located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Our engineers are highly trained with a wealth of experience and we provide the following services:





Music Production

Our primary focus is to empower you to express your passion and creativity and ultimately help you to achieve the results that you desire. Our clients’ best interests always come first, and everything we do is conducted in a friendly and professional manner. We ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting your needs precisely and completely.

If you are a singer, songwriter, musician, band, music producer, manager or business, get in touch as we are here to help turn your vision into a reality.

Live Recording Room
Raven MTX MK2

The Space

Studio Neo consists of a generous sized control room which can accommodate multiple people. The room has professional sound proofing and acoustic treatment to ensure no sound is getting in or out and presents an accurate translation of recorded, mixed and mastered material.

The live room is also generously sized and can accommodate multiple musicians, or even a full band at any one time. The room is also fully sound-proofed and acoustically treated to offer the highest quality recordings. Communication to the control room is via video and headphones.

We strive to create an atmosphere which allows you to be comfortable, relaxed and to get the very best out of what you do. With this in mind, we also have great facilities for relaxation – a functioning kitchen and washroom, full air conditioning throughout and a private, enclosed courtyard.


The Gear

At the heart of the control room are the Slate RAVEN MTX MK2 and Slate RAVEN MTi multitouch production consoles which offer quick, accurate and efficient workflow when producing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering. The signal chain is of the highest quality and comprises of Prism AD/DA conversion, Slate mastering grade monitor control and HEDD, PMC and Genelec studio monitoring. Our main DAW of choice is the latest Pro Tools Ultimate HDX system which offers incredibly low latency when recording and monitoring. We can also offer other DAW’s on request.

Want the sound of a Neumann U47 or U67, which costs multiple thousands of pounds? No problem, we have you covered. How about an expensive AKG C12 or Sony C800G? Again, we have you covered. We provide a large choice of microphones which are primarily powered by the Slate Virtual Microphone System. We have over 31 top quality microphone emulations that can be used to record

any type of voice or instrument of the highest quality. The list of microphone choices is growing too! We provide Mic Pre Amp choices from Slate, Prism, Focusrite and Avid. We can offer you any type of instrument and equipment, all of which are available on request.


No Distance Is Too Far

Can’t get to us because you are based far away or in another country? That’s not an issue for us as technology has moved forward a long way and we are able to work with you no matter where you’re based. We can provide you with session musicians subject to request and you can watch the whole process from the comfort of your own environment. It’s your project and we are here to help you deliver it the way you want. Your happiness is our happiness!



Control Room
RAVEN MTX MK 2 Multi-Touch System
RAVEN Monitor Control
Live Recording Room

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